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Black Front Kidney Grilles for BMW 5 Series F10 - 2010 to 2017

Black Front Kidney Grilles for BMW 5 Series F10 - 2010 to 2017

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Enhance the sporty looks of your BMW 5 Series F10 with our black M5 Competition-style black kidney grilles.

Inspired by the BMW M5 Competition and BMW M Performance accessories, our black double slat grilles modernize the look of your F10 or F11 5 Series.

Our Shadow Line Black M5 Competition-style radiator grilles are designed for all models of the BMW F10, F11, and F18 5 Series (2010-2017).



Offered in a glossy black finish, our front grilles are designed to provide the best look for your F10 BMW 5 Series. Dynamism, sportiness, and performance are the keywords to describe our Performance accessories for BMW. Benefit from our experience to revitalize the design of your vehicle.


Because we are also car enthusiasts, we know how long and complex mechanical interventions can be on modern vehicles. For this reason, our grilles reuse the same anchoring points as the models installed originally, making it a simple DIY-job for the weekend.


Thus, no adaptation is necessary on other body parts of the front of your BMW. We recommend using a plastic lever and a flat screwdriver, allowing you to unclip the OEM original radiator grilles and then fix your new EURO TUNING PARTS black grilles in place.



Our front kidney grilles, with their Shadow Line Black finish bring a subtle yet aggressive look to the design of your F10 5 Series. Benefiting from a contemporary and sporty style that will turn the heads of all BMW enthusiasts as you go by. Our grilles are designed for all available versions of the BMW F10 5 Series (except M5), from the 530i to the 550i, as well as xDrive models.


These black radiator grilles for BMW F10 are therefore a key piece in updating your BMW 5 Series, with the ABS materials used in their design allowing for durability and lightness.


We offer a large number of accessories on our online shop for automotive parts: black M5 Competition-style mirror caps, steering wheel gearshift paddle extensions, and more.

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