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Black Front Kidney Grilles for BMW X5 E53 - 1999 to 2006

Black Front Kidney Grilles for BMW X5 E53 - 1999 to 2006

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Upgrade the look of your BMW X5 E53 with our Black Front Radiator Grilles set!

Inspired by the BMW X5 M and BMW Performance accessories, our black front kidney grilles will give your X5 a more modern look.

Designed to be compatible with all BMW X5 E53 models, both pre and post-facelift (1999 to 2006).



If you're looking to update the design of your BMW X5 E53, we offer our BMW grille set with a glossy black finish. Using all our experience in BMW aftermarket accessories, we have made installation simple and easy, with no mechanical skills required. Simply open your hood and unclip your OEM grilles to replace them with our EURO TUNING PARTS models. We recommend using plastic levers or a flathead screwdriver for the removal process.



Your BMW X5's front grilles are the most identifiable design elements on your vehicle. After years of wear and tear, your factory radiator grilles may no longer be in the same condition as they were when your car was brand new. Or, you may just want to give your car a new and fresh look with our premium glossy black grilles


Our grilles are suitable for all BMW X5 engine types, from the 3.0i to the 4.8is. Upgrade your BMW X5 E53 with our Shadow Line Black grille set for a more aggressive and modern look today!

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