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Black Kidney Front Grilles for BMW X5 E70 - 2007 to 2013

Black Kidney Front Grilles for BMW X5 E70 - 2007 to 2013

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Our glossy black front kidney grilles for BMW X5 E70 bring a dose of sportiness to your SUV.

Available in double and single-slat designs, they are inspired by the X5M and BMW Performance accessories.

Compatible with all BMW X5 E70 models (2007-2013).



We have made every effort to minimize the labor needed to replace your original front grilles by our Euro Tuning Parts counterparts. The install of our radiator grilles is plug and play and requires no adaptation effort.



As one of the main element of your BMW X5's design, the front kidney grilles are the ideal  mod when you want to change the design of your BMW and give it a sportier allure.

Made of robust molded ABS materials, our aftermarket spare parts give a stronger presence to your BMW X5 E70, regardless of engine size. Euro Tuning Parts also offers glossy black finish mirror covers, steering wheel shift paddles, and many other performance accessories for sale.



The front of your car is made of the most exposed elements. By using strong molded ABS materials, we offer our black grille designs that completely transform the aesthetics of your X5 while maintaining strength and lightness.

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