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Black Kidney Grilles for BMW 3 Series G20 - 2018 to Present

Black Kidney Grilles for BMW 3 Series G20 - 2018 to Present

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Upgrade the look of your BMW 3 Series G20 with our black BMW M-styled double slats kidney grilles.

Our Shadow Line glossy black grilles draw inspiration directly from the BMW M3 Competition and BMW MPerformance accessories, adding a sleek and sporty touch to your car.

Choose from either glossy black or matte black finishes.


These grilles are compatible with all BMW 3 Series G20 and G21 models (2018 and newer), including those with air flaps and the Parking Assistant Plus camera. Please note it is not compatible with the M3.



Our glossy black grilles for the BMW 3 Series G20 are inspired by BMW Motorsport Competition models, featuring a double slats design with a dark finish. We've designed the attachment points to be the same as the OEM grille on your BMW, making installation a breeze without requiring any additional modifications to your vehicle's front or other body parts.



Our Shadow Line Glossy Black kidney grilles add an extra level of sportiness to your car while maintaining the classic and timeless look of BMW models. Made specifically for your vehicle, our grilles fit all available engine configurations for the 3 Series G20 (except for the M3), including the 328i, m340i and xDrive versions.



Crafted from strong and durable ABS materials, our black grilles for BMW can withstand the wear and tear of long distances miles while remaining lightweight enough to perform as a high-performance car part.


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