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Black Kidney Grilles for BMW 1 Series E82 E88 (2004 - 2011)

Black Kidney Grilles for BMW 1 Series E82 E88 (2004 - 2011)

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Give your BMW 1 Series a stronger presence on the road with our black front kidney grilles.

Our BMW M Competition-inspired grilles and provide durability and a sleek look for your 1 Series

Our black grilles are designed to fit all BMW 1 Series E82 and E88 models, before or after facelift (2004-2011). Available in simple or double slats versions.

Replaces following OEM references (given as an indication only) : 51137166440 ; 51137166439


Our grilles are designed with identical attachment points compared to OEM to ensure easy installation without the need to remove your bumper. Simply unclip the old grille and clip in the new one. We recommend using a flathead screwdriver or plastic pry tool.



Your car front grille is one of the most important aspects of its style and often the first component to be replaced when seeking to enhance its aesthetics. Inspired by your favorite brand's performance lines, our Black Edition models make a bold statement for your car.



The front of your vehicle is subjected to the most exposure to the road and debris when traveling at high speeds. Our grilles, made with durable ABS materials, provide increased resistance against road debris and will maintain their looks for a long time.

Our products are not OEM but aftermaket accessories.

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