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Black Front Kidney Frilles for BMW 7 Series E38 - 1994 to 2002

Black Front Kidney Frilles for BMW 7 Series E38 - 1994 to 2002

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Old School Cool for your BMW 7 Series E38 with our black front kidney grilles.

Our Black Edition black grilles, inspired by BMW Performance accessories, enhance the elegance of your E38 7 Series.

Compatible with all BMW 7 Series E38 models from 1994 to 2002.



We have made sure the installation is as simple as possible:

  • Unclip your original OEM kidney grilles
  • Snap on the new black front grilles

That's it!

The attachment points of our front kidney grilles are identical, ensuring a trouble-free installation. There is no need to remove the front bumper of your E38 for this modification. We recommend a high-quality flathead screwdriver (KS Tools, Facom, Stanley, DeWalt...) or a plastic lever for handling.



The BMW 7 Series E38 is probably one of the most timeless BMWs ever created. Only a few body elements can date it, especially the chrome grilles, which are prone to corrosion and can show the age of your vehicle.

As car enthusiasts, we strive to bring a new life to your car with our aftermarket BMW equipment, and we believe that black grilles are the ideal addition to enhance the look of your 7 Series!



The body elements on the front are, of course, the most exposed on the highway. With proven ABS materials, our grilles transform the aesthetics of your car and offer a strong resistance to road debris.

Our black grilles are compatible with both pre-facelift and facelifted models, in all engine variants, from the 730i to the 750iL, including the 735i and 740i E38.

Replaces the following OEM references (given as an indication only):



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